There is meaning in every journey that is unknown to the traveler - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

There are many fascinating blogs and resources out there. As I have benefited from reading them for years now, I want to give something back and use this blog as a place to share my personal experiences, stories and the stuff that I am working on.

The topics that I want to write about are going to be diverse. On the one side, I want to share my knowledge about various technologies I work on a daily basis 🤓. Those include Cloud (AWS & Azure), DevOps (IaC, CI/CD pipelines), Data Engineering (Spark, Data Modelling), IoT (Messaging, OTA, Fleet Management), Machine Learning (Development Lifecycle, Deep Learning) and Embedded Systems (SOPC, FPGA).

On the other side, I want to write about softer topics like mindfulness, work-life balance and the failures and successes in my personal life 🧘. I wish that by opening myself to the world, I can help others and also create an awareness for less joyful but very important subjects like stress and overworking.

I hope that by reading this blog, you will learn something new or get inspired. Thanks for joining me on this journey 🚀