Max is a Software Engineer from Munich, Germany. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Applied Information Systems and a Masters Degree in Embedded Systems Design. After his studies, he has worked in the startup industry for a couple of years in different roles and positions and as a consultant to drive innovation in various fields.

During his bachelor thesis, Max invented a low-cost do-it-yourself thermal camera called DIY-Thermocam. This project ignited Max's passion for developing creative solutions on the interface between hardware and software. During his masters studies in the domain of Embedded Systems, Max deepened his knowledge in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. He wrote his master thesis in the field of Autonomous Driving at Vector, where he was able to combine Embedded Systems with Deep Learning by creating an end-to-end driving system that can handle real-world driving scenarios like rain and snow.

After his studies, Max moved to Munich and started working as the first employee for a startup in the AI domain called Bleenco. In a period of only a couple of weeks, he developed the first stable version of Bleenco Human, a framework for predicting and analyzing human behaviour and emotions. In his next career step, Max worked at a bigger startup in the field of IoT and Mobility solutions called ParkHere. In his position as Head of Embedded Systems, he created different hardware software products like a radar sensor for smart cities and an authentication terminal for corporate parking lots.

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Founding his own company was always something Max wanted to try it, so it was his next logical step to do this while still being financial independent. Together with four friends, he co-founded the startup ParkDepot and quickly moved from an incubator of the TU Munich to own office spaces. In a period of one year, the company grew from only the founders team to 30 employees and customers across whole Germany. Today, ParkDepot is one of the leading providers for digital parking lot solutions and is growing rapidly in all directions.

His passion for technology brought Max to being a consultant. He was working for a Swedish consulting company called Netlight, where he was able to contribute to exciting projects in diverse roles and for different industries. He extended his skills about Cloud technologies, DevOps and Data Engineering to supply his customers with the growing demand for specialists in this field.

After this stage, Max became a self-employed IT Freelancer, because he loves the challenges that ever-changing projects and technologies bring with them. He is currently working for clients in the Munich area and fully remote in the domains of Cloud, DevOps & IoT.